Friday, April 24, 2015

The Return of the Polo

Photos by Isaac Likes
Polo- Lacoste | Jeans- Armani Exchange | Shoes- Nike | Shades- Ray-Ban 
Watch- Miansai 

Finally, short-sleeve weather is here. Kinda. I was never a polo kinda guy just because the arms would typically be too big, and my skinny arms would look even skinnier. But then I found this guy. I love this Lacoste polo especially the elastic bands on the sleeves so it hugs my arms and actually fits. I pair it with a pair of indigo jeans-- my favorite, actually, which I recently lost :-(. I got them from Armani Exchange last year and never in my life did I find a pair of jeans that fit me this well, ever. Hopefully, we'll be reunited soon! hope y'all enjoy your weekend! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Suiting

Photos by Isaac Likes
Suit- Express | Shirt- Alenford | Tie- The Tie Bar | Shoes- Bally 
Watch- Miansai | Pkt square-  O'Harrow 

So, you're at this weird stage where you're not sure what suit to wear since the weather is finally getting warmer? #SAME. A cotton khaki suit is your new best friend this Spring/Summer season. If you work for a more corporate environment and HAVE to wear a suit daily for the job, then I'm sure you're in desperate need of the right suits during the heat waves in NYC. That's right, store your wool, tweed and flannel suits for some linen and cotton suits. I got this cotton number from Express and can't wait to wear it all summer long. Oh, and those wrinkles are totally intentional. Usually wrinkles on suits (or anything) work against you, but not when it comes to cotton suits. In this case these indents build character to the suit and giving a little something unordinary. Also, another fun tip, vertical stripes always compliment horizontal stripes (and vice-versa). 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Meshing Around in Calvin Klein Collection

Photos by Isaac Likes
Suit, Mesh top, tank top- Calvin Klein Collection | Shoes- Adidas | Watch- Miansai

Real men wear mesh.It's true. After living through what felt like the longest winter season, ever, there's nothing I want to do more than wear neutrals, whites and of course, some mesh. I wore this number to the Calvin Klein Presentation last Thursday in NYC, and was pretty stoked about it. You might notice the trousers aren't as skinny as I'm use to that's because I'm going for this more relaxed-yet-tailored vibe (real Miami Vice as my friend Isaac would say). Now, perhaps i  take this look and relocate to Miami? Ha, just meshing with you NYC will always be my home.